I have submitted a video of the intended approach for 14.
We will have to be very careful on this approach as there are obvious dangers of making a turn on to the centre line at low level and I think you will have to make a judgement yourself as to whether it is in your comfort zone or ability. The last thing we or you want is an accident. If you are not comfortable with it then either use a different runway if conditions allow or save the flight for another day. Anyone with less than maybe 100hours then definitely don’t fly it. There is a tree just to the left as you come in to be cautious of. It might blow down though when the next storm arrives. It’s not very stable!

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  1. Mik

    We made the landing going slightly right overhead of the tree located next to the hangers and it was a sweet landing.
    I suspect there are places much harder to land and with the extra width towards the end of 14 it should just be another place to land.
    I used to tree to get bearings on and it worked fine, like Martin has said though if the tree is not there then I would suggestg slightly left of the hangers.

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