Airfield Information1 We will have to change our circuit pattern for approaches to 14. This is mainly to keep traffic clear of a new  development at the North Western end of the runway but  it  will also  serve to give a better clearance from the village which we still receive the occasional complaint.

Please take a look on the “contact us”  page at the link to circuit patterns. It has reduced the length of runway available on 14 to 450 metres and made a 30 degree turn  onto the centre line  necessary. If you find this is a problem and you are not happy with that approach then the only other alternative is to use one of the other runways  or if that is not practical in the wind conditions on the day then please don’t risk flying. Leave it for another day. I have removed the windsock to facilitate a clear  approach and will re-position ASAP.

All these changes are to try and keep everyone happy with the situation and keep the Airfield running so please help in these changes and make sure everyone you  know who is likely to fly in knows of them.



An idea put forward recently was to widen the runway at the far South Eastern end. I have put that into Google Earth just to see what it looks  like. Would it significantly improve the safety factor?

We are also now proposing to narrow the runway at the North Western end to restrict movement over the developing area at that end and make it more obvious on the line of approach to 14. It is important that we have no aircraft flying over that area if we are to continue using this runway.

Comments welcome.

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