On Monday 9th June our friend Eddie Mc Callum will leave Longframlington in his CT microlight aircraft for a Transatlantic crossing to The USA and back. I have been with Eddie on several trips that we have organised between us since 1996 when we did our first trip in our two stroke flexwings to the Russian border with Poland. This one was just a step too far for me so I had to let Eddie organise and fly this one himself unfortunately.

We have raised money for charities on the bigger trips in the past and Eddie is hoping to raise a substantial amount of money for UNICEF on this one. UNICEF is one of the worlds leading childrens charities helping children in many countries. Please help Eddie raise as much as possible, he needs our support and encouragement. It’s quite a trip. Donations can be made online quoting the reference at the bottom of the page.

Eddie we wish you well on this adventure and will be following your progress and reporting on this blog.

Good luck and clear skies!



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    1. J Williams

      Martin Are you sure Ed’s is the red track line,
      as the Green & Orange track come from Africa to Norway, then on to wick.
      and the red track come from Belgium ?
      Looks like the red track had to turn back .

      1. Martin Mosley

        The orange balloon represents Edd’s tracker. The Red one is the R44. I think he turned back because of the weather conditions The Green one is a PA42 i think. Bad weather day today so they quite sensibly stayed put,

        1. Martin Mosley

          If you’re wondering what has happened with the R44 represented by the red icon then he has backed out from the trip. He had a passenger who has now joined up with Ed hence the red marker is now in Greenland waiting to join up with him.

  1. Martin Mosley

    Looks like Ed made it to Oshkosh and he’s now on his way back through Northern Canada. You can follow him on the prepare to go link previously posted.
    If anyone is interested in joining me I would like to try and fly up to Wick to meet him on his return if he’s going into there.

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