Planned fly outs and events 2015



European trip to Malta


Headon Fly In. Date to be decided.





Blois Microlight festival 5th and 6th September 2015





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    1. Martin Mosley

      Yes. We will be having a live band it’s the Jakks Party Band. take a look at their web site
      They did a graet job for us last year playing a good variety of music to suit all and late into the night. A bar will be provided and plenty of food at the burger wagon . Curries, jackets burgers etc. Should be a good night.

      Camping facilities also available. Bring your own equipment and we’ll provide the food, drink and entertainment. Breakfast will be available next morning as well.

  1. microflying

    Friedrichshafen flight to Aero Expo was a great success. Arrived back on the 11th rather than the 13th due to work commitments. Took off from Headon at 09:30 with Jason and Gary in their Sportcruiser as well. Flight plans submitted with SkyDemon the previous day. Makes Flight planning and submission of plans so easy now. Landed in Amiens 2hrs later with an average speed of 107Kts. Excellent little restaurant there where we were able to relax for a while for lunch. Then on to Friedrichshafen which was a three and a half hour flight. Weather was good to us all the way with bright sunshine showing up the Swiss German countryside to it’s best advantage. With the snow capped Alps in the background it had that wow factor. Arrived there at 16:00 Zulu 18:00 local and promptly booked ourselves into Tent City in one of the halls. Ready for an early start on the show the next morning.
    The show was excellent with lots of new technology on exhibition. Diesel and solar power is really making big strides forward now. Seemed like every aircraft manufacturer was there more variety than we could have imagined. Everything from Hang gliders and microlights to executive jets. Electric powered microlights too with a very capable potential. So much to see that the only limitation was our ability to keep walking round all the vast halls of the exhibition. Lots of Avionics and ancillary equipment as well.
    Set off back at 10:30 on the Friday and another fantastic flight with good weather most of the way. Landed at Laon Chambry 3hrs later with a bit slower ground speed this time of 94Kts. Took off an hour later after re fueling to encounter increasing cloud and poorer visibity so climbed above the cloud to 7500ft. Weather improved approaching the UK and we landed back at Headon 17:30 local time.
    Excellent trip,good flying and lots to see.

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