Microlight Training

A NPPL (National Private Pilot Licence) Microlight licence is required to fly microlights, and can be gained by training with a qualified flying instructor in accordance with a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) syllabus of training. The minimum requirements are:-

25 hours total flying time to include:Classroom

  • 10 hours solo consolidation including two qualifying cross country flights of 40 nautical miles

A restricted licence is available with reduced requirements (15hrs total, to include 7hrs solo flying), but will limit you to flying in the local area.

In either case, you will need to pass a General Skills Test and an oral exam, which is much akin to a driving test. In addition to this you will need to pass 5 multiple choice exams in the following subjects:

  • Aeroplanes Technical
  • Air law
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Human Performance and Limitations

A detailed summary of the NPPL microlight syllabus. NPPL (Microlight)

Tuition Costs

There are two general routes to follow for training:

 *Using school aircraft

*Using your own aircraft

Initially usage of the school aircraft is the most convenient method, as there is then no need to commit yourself to the cost of an aircraft in the early stages of training. However after your initial training period of approximately 10-15 hours or as your training approaches circuit training (taking off, landing and flying in the airfield circuit) then it is a good idea to have your own aircraft. This considerably reduces your training costs as detailed below.

You could expect to be flying solo after approximately 20-25 hours depending on commitment and aptitude. Before flying solo, you must be in possession of a current medical certificate from your GP (General Practitioner). However, a medical is not required to fly when under dual instruction.

Flying tuition per flying hour (includes an additional briefing and debriefing, total lesson time approx. 2 hours).

Using School Aircraft
/ hour
Dual tuition per flying hour
Using Your Own Aircraft
/ hour
Dual tuition per flying hour
Using Your Own Aircraft
/ hour
Solo supervision per hour

Ground Tuition And Exam Charges

Ground school individual tuition per hour £20
Written exam charges per paper £20