I hold a PPL (M) what are my re-validation requirements?

The minimum flying required in preceding 13 months, completed during the validity of an existing Certificate of Experience or Test: 5 hours experience as Pilot of an aircraft of the same class as the rating in the Licence within the existing validity period of the rating, including at least 3 hours as Pilot in Command … Read more

How many hours each year do I need in order to keep my NPPL current?

All NPPLs remain valid for the lifetime of the holder. 1.  Holder of a licence with one class rating (SSEA or SLMG or Microlight): Complete on the class of aeroplanes held: (a)  within the period of validity of the rating have flown as pilot: at least 12 hours flight time including 8 hours PIC. at … Read more

Does the weather affect training?

Unfortunately yes, fair weather is required especially during training where you will want to be concentrating on learning to control the aeroplane before having to deal with the techniques required for different types of weather. In general the conditions required for training are; Wind speed no more than 13mph Visibility greater than 5 Km in … Read more

What is the minimum age?

For training to count towards a licence the minimum age is 14. Solo flights can be made from age 16, and the minimum age to hold a licence is 17.  

Is it possible to fly in winter?

Flying in the winter is more restrictive due to less daylight hours and adverse weather. However when the conditions are favourable it can be most enjoyable providing you wear the appropriate flying clothing.

Are Microlights safe?

In a word yes. All Microlight aircraft have to be built by civil aviation authority (CAA) approved companies to rigorous airworthiness standards. Only safety checked and released materials can be used in their construction. Due to their light weight and low minimum speeds Microlight aircraft have very good forgiving characteristics.  Recent official statistics from the CAA … Read more

What are the medical requirements?

A pilot may only fly microlights as Pilot In Command in the UK if they hold any valid medical certification. The NPPL medical certification can be by a Pilot Medical Declaration made on-line on the Civil Aviation Authority website. Pilots must use the CAA Customer Portal to access the CAA website. This link takes you … Read more